5 phases

  When you fall to pieces,take those pieces and build something better In the starting, i thought it’s kinda normal, well I have this spring depression fever sort of thing in my life. This fever begins in the month of December somewhere and takes in its engulf by the Feb, so currently, it’s at its … Continue reading 5 phases

dad’s dilemma

I m going to the cinema, Shyam announced to his classmates. He rushed to the teacher, ”mam can I go home”? No, the teacher yelled,” go back to seat”. shyam went quietly to his seat. his friends laughed from behind. he rosed up and went again,”mam can I go”? mam asked putting her horn-rimmed spec … Continue reading dad’s dilemma


Society, you have a crazy greed hogging on together, which you all agreed. You are full of misery feeding upon drugs, which you call luxury. You are bending streak poking nose into others, before checking own creek. Society, you are desperate soul seeking answers to known, flashing lights over night owls. You are wicked mob … Continue reading SOCIETY