A small wait 2

Today I was in the kitchen. It doesn’t smell like the way it use to be. The Music of your bangles hit each other every time you roll the dough. Noise of grinding spices when u make chicken biriyani. How I use to silently wave my hand over your waist. You always creep out but you love the way my feather roll over your body curves, from up to down. Hugging you from behind. Kissing you under your hair. But I finally got knocked out of kitchen. You always threatened me if i again try to distract her, she would not make dinner. But after dinner you gently come to me over bed and bow forward placing your sensual wet lips over my beard and make perfect film star kiss. 

By the time I was thinking. milk has already boiled, over flowing the vessel. Getting stained over the floor. There is just milk for only one coffee. I poured into your yellow Mickey mouse ceramic mug. Which I gifted you on our first wedding anniversary. Mickey mouse got faded with time black turned into grey. Ceramic mug got stained. Even after so many years it was still there. I never doubted your choice this coffee mug was one of them. While I was noticing these flower moment in the broken crevices of wall. You came from behind. And saw the stained floor. You became annoyed you became rattled. And said,” man! What did you do to my kitchen. This is last time I m tolerating you. And you must find new house.” I didn’t matched my eyes with you. I m afraid of these eyes. These tiny little dark eyes once beautiful are now haunting. 

I nodded my head and started cleaning the stains. Thinking who would clean stains on our love. How would you remember all our sweetest memory. Our beach fun. Kisses. Sweet fight. Would everything will be same as before. The oven alarm has started ringing. Orange cake nd chocolate chip cookies are ready. Today is your birthday.somehow that memory that memory has also eluded away. I m waiting for day you would again lean over me. Will keep your head over my chest. Synchronizing your heart beat with mine. Hold your hand filling gap between your finger. Just like dew over spider web. Just like the polka dot sunlight shattering from the tree. Everything will look beautiful. You and I would be over green meadows watching autumn leaves and dream of warm romance. And for this beautiful dream my this wait is worth.

I will wait 🙂


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