A small wait 3

“Stop it, drop that vase, no please no, u will hurt yourself. Control. Don’t get fright away. I m there with you. Open the door what are you doing? Why have you locked your self inside. What are you afraid of. Hey you!! are you listening?” I was shouting at the top of my voice. You have locked yourself in your room since morning. Screaming trying to hurt yourself with knife. But somehow you are afraid of hurting yourself. I m afraid if you really hurt yourself? 

I shouted open the door again and again. And finally knob open. You were exhausted. Hair were all over your face. Sticking over your cheeks because of sweat. I went and hugged you. For first time in 10 years you let me hug you. You were calm and compose like you were never before . For first time in 10 years I felt like you are still same person. Your eyes still linger for peace in my arms. But before I could be happy. You fainted and fell. I was in sock. I hurriedly called ambulance. Your body turned pale. Cold like artic wind. Your lips turned purple. Dark eyes were open. And your little finger was tightly holding mine finger. Like it was saying I can’t let you go. I told myself I wouldn’t let you go so easily. You are the reason I m still breathing. You are the moon light of my noir. Ever thought of night without moon? I m nothing without you. 

They took you to ICU. Doctors instrument goes up down your body. Sweat was on their head They looked stressed. Looking Through the window of ICU,my eyes were stuck on you. Over your lips over your dark eyes, trying to capture even your slightest movement, which would bring soul back to my body. I glanced over green zig zag neon lines over green monitor. Connected to you. They say it shows heart beat. Every up and down shows a pumping of heart. Really, man has created such a marvelous machine. Can it even show what goes over a heart when one see his better half battling to be alive?

 My fingers were clinched hoping for best. Thinking you soon would come and hug me from back. I knew you will come. Doctors came outside didn’t say a word.I went inside with your Hershey chocolate Bar. You were lying flat. Under white sheets. You were silence you were cold. You were looking beautiful. Your hands were in still in same position like in ambulance. I sat next to you. I played my hand over your face. from cheeks to head. Trying to remember every detail of your face. Feel your lips tender and moist. Cheeks moist nd wrinkled with age. Eyes still. Dark and tiny.hair have turned white and silver. I leaned to kiss you. Your frozen body. Green monitor has become linear. Zig zag trails are halted. Heart has become silent. Last leaf fell from the walnut tree. A life went away.


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