Wait over

you have been buried under the cherry tree in the graveyard. Remember the point where I propose you first time. I went on my knees but even before I could say those magical words, you stopped me and said.duffer wrong knees. I made a strange face and got up and in blink of eye our lips were in each other. Without asking soul became for each other. Distant peacock became witnesse of our romance. 

Fog climb up the sky who knew 61 years. All our love lasted for.

You left me alone in this world. You broke our promises. Aren’t we supposed to live and die together. How can you do that? Tomorrow is our 61 anniversary. Who will eat that Orange cake? With whom I will go to hill? To beach? Will watch autumn leaves and dream of romance?


You left me in a thousand broken pieces,

that are nowhere to be found

I wailed

searching for those eyes that once met mine,
I waited
for you to knock at my door
and soothe away this pain

Agony held me into its arms,the way you once embraced me into yoursYour name traced along my lips
that you once kissed so deeply,

And the scent of your clothes laden the white stained sheets:
Of despair and desperation, they smelt

Fill me in with your breath,
whisper thy name,
and I will be there
waiting for you

The sky glimmers full of dancing stars,
in the moonlight;
our initials twinkle,
dark and bold, as they write
ingrained onto those broken pieces that are nowhere to be found

 -Shweta Kher

Now you are gone. I find no reason to live.

I was in your room. Looking at your picture. Which I capture all these years. That in corner sipping tea. That one using chopsticks. That one you carried Taj by your hand. That one drinking wine with statue of liberty. That one dancing with white peacock. And that one silhouette you kissing my cheeks. those were days. My eyes are wet. I wanted to cry. And tears did roll down. And then my eyes stuck on yellow paper over table. In your writing it said

Thanks Ryan.

I know I have been jerk all these years with you. If anybody else would have been on your place would have left me by now. Me fight with this would not have been this easy if you were not there. They way you make my bed, my coffee, dress me up, and numerous things. It made me fall over you more and more. Your Orange cake and chocolate cookies were so good that I fell in love again with you. My mind may have forgotten everything of 50 years but in last 10 years, i felt like we were made for each other. Just like dew and leave, cloud and sky, star and night never apart. Though I got very less time left with you. God is writing ending of my story. I want to tell you, you are awesome, your ADVENTURE IS THERE. Go for it and good luck.

 I love you, Ryan

Yours Ayana 🙂

(Hauntingly beautiful poem IN RUINS  appeared first on instagram account of Shweta Kher . Thanks miss)


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