Its raining outside. I am sitting by window. Trying to see past and future through that fogged up glass piece. Pane was tainted with old paint drops like any other government office, there were rows of cupboard, full of registers dating back to1940. Piled up to be eaten by termits. Floor is full of white and other color envelopes. To be precise “discarded envelopes. I remember my first day in this office in a winter morning. Red painted  board hanging on one screw waiting to fall down some day. It read in white fonts RLO, reverse letter office. Away from all what this office serves my mind was actlly busy in happiness that finally I secured a governtment job. I went inside, I was expecting a warm welcome but here I saw 3 people wearing metal rim glasses. Staring on the envelopes , putting stamp over them and threw them on pile of other envolpes. Their hands were like robot’s hand, repeating same process number of time. I went inside and sat in my cabinet by window, opening to view of a gulmohar tree nd pond with 3 ducks. It didn’t take me long to realize RLO actually a return letter office, which deals with letter which don’t have any address, or address which cant be located on earth. While I was going through my piles of letter I found letters one written to god, one to santa, one with just a name of girl, and list goes on to infinity. They in office call it “dead letters”. Mrs at clerk desk says these letter contain no heart no voice  no brain, they don’t have path to go, so all we have to do is to it stamp these and burn. It was going great for 3 months my hands  became like my three colleges. Take envelope, stamp it throw it nd repeat. And I was paid for it. Some times in night my mind wanders in thought of those letters why they are address to god? Whats going on over that lover whose letter never reached its destination. And my mind took me to my days, I used to write letters to girl , name ayana In winters on my 12 class. Iwas in love with her. I wrote hundered of letters on pink yellow blue pages  some short some long some starting with poem by gulzar, but thy never reaced her. actully I never able gather confidence to deliver it to her. They were also dead letter? I wonder. 


2 thoughts on “DEAD LETTER (1)

  1. Hey, I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us….
    But if you put spaces between sentences, it would be easier to read 🙂
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!


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