dead letter(2)

Next morning I decided to open one of letter, and even in post office gide lines post man is allowed to open the letter in order to deliver the letter at correct address. I was wandering through the letters my eye got stuvk on a yellow envelope with stick figure of father and child , address to god. For first time I saw , these letter actually speak thousand words. While siping tea I open it. Writing was shabby like a kid of 10 year old, letter says

Dear papa, 

Mom says you are on hoiday with god. Is it so? Wow! I too want to come with you. Remember that beach vacation we had together? We saw sunset, rode elephant it was so beautiful That time I was 8 year old then. Next week is my birthday, I will turn 12. My all friends blow candles with their dad. I too want to blow with you, its being 4 years. Okay I know you are busy. But but papa do come on my birthday. And also bring that sachin cricket bat. You promised me. By the way god please leave my dad for a day.

Love you,


5B(army school)

I was taken away. My eyes were filled. Somehow my eye lids were controlling the tears. My hands were shaking. Dead letters! I felt like ashamed. No these are not dead letters. These are acctlly letters with thousand emotions locked in piece of paper. They carry heart, grief, happiness, wishes, and god knows what not. And all I have been doing these months was burning them. One heart never reached other. One son never saw his father. One wife never met to her husband. I look around myself 1000 of letters. Yellow white envelopes. With black stamp, with red stamp. Piled up over other letters. Eaten by termites getting destroyed. I felt like a sinner. I put letter in my pocket rushed towards school on way i brought bat. And with marker i wrote From Papa. Today was rohan’s bday. I send the  bat to him through guard. 

I breath air of relief, I was smiling. Will rohan smile? I wish I could see his face. With full determination I went to office to check other letters. May I find something new. 


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