Life in brothel

​Oh !! In the brothels  Where no light ever escape Red Flicked and yellow razed  Where Shadow get hindered  Darkness all around  Should i call it city light? In land behind those  Shining concrete walls Where city end  Darkness prevails In gutter, dark as night sky There lies a place  Where life began  At evening … Continue reading Life in brothel

Mom, I will 6

Crowd was waiting. Buddha name was echoing in the mountains. For first time silence of the valley broke. Snow cap mountain were golden. Evening star had kissed the sky. Orion had taken its shape in a distant east. As golden bird began to set in west it sparked a fire in Woods. Golden brown leaves … Continue reading Mom, I will 6

Mom I will 5

Mrs Mehta is standing at corridor of monastery. Watching old monk as he brings Rohan with him. In red Saree with golden border which rohan gifted her on his first hit drama show. Rohan saw her and low her eyes in shame. For first time he was unable to meet eyes with her mother. Mother … Continue reading Mom I will 5

Mom, I will 4

From a distance they could hear hymn chants echoing in valley. A sound so profound to heal a wound. They can see a red pagoda , golden slanting roof, with the Dragon point out. Van enter through arch Red and black wall over which Tibetan hymn were written, saying of Buddha showing path of eternity … Continue reading Mom, I will 4

Mom, I will 3

On the glass fogged with mrs Mehta’s breath she continue to look on her child. With a constant eye. It was like two bodies watching each other but fact was one was internally dead and other died because of him. Sister came from behind. Tapped on Mrs’ shoulder, “mam, has called you in cabin. Folding … Continue reading Mom, I will 3

Mom, I will 2

​In morning cell was filled with blood. Everyone was in shock. Rohan was admitted to city hospital. Doctors said, chances of him being alive are less. Much blood had flow from his body. Mother was looking at him, from window. One look over his darlings face. One over black screen showing heart beat with green … Continue reading Mom, I will 2