Mom, I will 2

​In morning cell was filled with blood. Everyone was in shock. Rohan was admitted to city hospital. Doctors said, chances of him being alive are less. Much blood had flow from his body. Mother was looking at him, from window. One look over his darlings face. One over black screen showing heart beat with green beam. Moving to blood drip falling slowly. Eyes were frozen dry and dead. Tears wanted to fall but strongly held by . mouth constantly moving in prayers. And her eyes began fogging up. She remember that night two years ago when she find white pink tablets in Rohan’s pocket. Upon asked, Rohan said they were paracetamol.  She had such confidence over him that never wonder that it could be something else. Something that would not leave her child to trust him. mom’s blind love. She was not one who had that. Day after day she someday finds syringes. Mom thats raj syringe. She found ciggrates mom that’s for acting in theater. I never blew one. Always some or other excuse. Mom love never showed her truth. On morning when he came out she saw dots and swelled up arm. Perforated to every inch. She didn’t knew what were they.  when askd. Rohan ignore the question. Rather he hurriedly wore a shirt to hide them. With button disorderly. Mom today Is my drama rehearsal. I would be late. I am going now. “Aye eat before you go, “she said. But rohan didn’t listen her. Rohan was one of finest actor in his drama school. Aspiring to become best theater artist. Every year he was working hard getting praised by people but for him he was still away from success. And depression caught him. He Started taking drugs, his friends who sent him away from mundane life. And one day  may be for forever? one which started off as attractive thing became his habit. Drug Was flowing in his veins. His body had more LSD or cocaine then blood. That night Listening to pink Floyd ‘s comfortably numb.Sitting by city lake one after another he dragged 15 marlboro. Sucking keeping and blowing, smoke all around.Feeling like on the top of world. His vision was foged. Brain was feeling trippy , creating illusions. Walking on road one step left one setp right towards unknown destination smiling own his own. And when pink flyod said “I have become comfortably numb” he felled down. Tired on road. No one to take care. Sweat and broken from inside. drug was playing with him. It was only in morning when she found him at the door restless murmuring mom I m back. She thought its just alcohol effect and took him to home. Day after day his body started detorioting. vomits, mood swing, Suicide attempets. Latter one morning when she took her to doctor. Doctor looked at his finger tips white , pale eyes and dead lips dried and black, then his eyes got struck on arms, red swelled and perforated arms. He said,’mrs Mehta , rohan is addicted to drugs. How could you let it happen. Couldn’t u see  these syringe marks on his body. For her it was like darkest moment of his life. A divorce and single mother. Given all her life for rohan only to see this day. She was broke down Rohan hugged her but she pushed him away. Doctor said, mrs you need to take rohan to asylum. Only there he can get well. It was tough for a women who lost his husband and now loss her son. For her everythinv got snatched in blink of eye.But she took the step nd took rohan to asylum…


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