Mom, I will 4

From a distance they could hear hymn chants echoing in valley. A sound so profound to heal a wound. They can see a red pagoda , golden slanting roof, with the Dragon point out. Van enter through arch Red and black wall over which Tibetan hymn were written, saying of Buddha showing path of eternity and peace in valley.petunias, tulips were in bloom dancing with cold wind. Like this place was happiest place on earth. Boys in mehroon rob and yellow top. Toiling beads silently saying the name of Buddha.An old man of age around 60 with spectacles. Approach to them and coughed to get mom and son’s attention. Both lost in the silence of atmosphere. He said doctor has told him about Rohan’s case. And now he will take care of Rohan. He look towards Rohan. Thin and loose skin pale body. Red Eyes had develop dark circles seeking sleep. Black dried lips. Body was shivering. He placed his palm over Rohan’s head and said a prayer and then he looked upon Mrs Mehta and said rohan would be all right. From here you have to leave him with us. Rohan will live like us, dress like us, he will have no connection with outside world. And Mrs we can assure you he will get fine. Mrs Mehta shooked her head. Look upon rohan. Lean forward and kissed on his head. She hugged him and couldn’t control her tear it fell on his shoulder. Rohan did nothing just stood still like a statue. Monk held rohan’s hand and took him inside. Mrs Mehta stood on stairs watching her soul departing.

Every morning rohan woke up at 4 am followed by bathing then morning meditation chanting hymn then old monk taught about Buddha. In the when evening everyone use to play football or go for fishing. Rohan away from this, use to sit on pedestal surround by bambo groves whose leaves use to whistle with every cool breeze. Watching the sunset sitting all alone he use to listen to rock musicover his ipod which he kept hiding from old monk. Sometimes played guitar with local boys.For 3 weeks he showed lot progress though night were tough and sleepless his mind still sometimes crave for drug ,asking for cigrattee. Sometimes beat his head on the wall. He was kept in old monk’s supervision. 

Sometimes we prepare ourselves to immune from outside threat but in that process we forget that snake can lie in our domain too. Many villagers use to work as milkman or vegetable seller. And in them there were hidden people who use to bring weed to people inside monastery at minimal cost. Rohan got to know about them. That night he steal money from old monk trunk went to hill brought weed. After 3 month he had first puff of marijuana.  He coughed, blood spit out of his mouth. Medicine had side effect due to weed. Old monk had followed him silently. He saw him vomiting and screaming. Rohan fell on ground. Blood on his chest. Old monk went to him carried him to room. Rohan was pleading monk not to tell about it to mom. He was crying. Monk called Mrs Mehta and told her full incident and asked her to visit rohan. On the other side phone slipped from mrs mehta’s hand. She stood silently and broke. Nobody could guess what was going on mom’s heart not even she herself didn’t know. She started her van and set for monastery


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