Mom I will 5

Mrs Mehta is standing at corridor of monastery. Watching old monk as he brings Rohan with him. In red Saree with golden border which rohan gifted her on his first hit drama show. Rohan saw her and low her eyes in shame. For first time he was unable to meet eyes with her mother. Mother who kept him for 9 months. Mother who divorced her husband to save her child, mother who worked day and night to burn oil lamp in house, mother whom he hugs over whose shoulders he cried. Today he felt he should have killed himself. He can’t face this day. In front of mother, rohan hide behind old monk, holding his hand. Mrs Mehta didn’t even called him. She kept standing like statue. Old monk told her “Rohan preached code of conduct, he stole money from my trunk and brought drugs. I regret Mrs but we fail to change your child. I think there might be some problem in my teaching that he took this step. Mrs Mehta you should take him with you. Your son is now yours. He paused and looked over her. Standing in corridor of temple in front of Buddha. Smell of lavender in the air. Autumn has marked its presence. There was such a silence they can hear whistling bamboo leaves in September wind. Mrs Mehta opened her mouth shivering like she was about to cry her voice was chocked. But she said,” I don’t have any son, for me rohan has died” This came as shock. Rohan looked over her and said Mom. Mrs Mehta turn around and started running towards van parked on other side of road. Weak rohan started following her trembling and falling. He fell from 4 step. Rolled down. Mrs Mehta was on road Rohan was screaming mom, please stop. On the road she didn’t see the truck coming from side. Due to slope truck couldn’t apply Breaks. Truck passed over Mrs Mehta. Rohan stood up and ran to his mother, he carried her head and cried mom wake up mom. I swear mom I will never touch drug mom I swear mom. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He was screaming. Yelling mom wake up. But soul had departed. Mrs Mehta had closed her eyes. In the monastery monks had chanting evening prayers. It was echoing in mountains. Golden bird went behind the cliff. And stars took her place. Old monk came from behind  and tapped on rohan’s shoulder, rohan said I killed my mother. I am murderer. I should kill myself too. Old monk hold him and said let your deeds make your mom happy again, let her smile in heaven.She has became star watching you from there. Do something my son. Rohan hugged monk and started crying. He promised himself, “mom, I will”……………


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