Life in brothel

Oh !!

In the brothels 

Where no light ever escape

Red Flicked and yellow razed 

Where Shadow get hindered 

Darkness all around 

Should i call it city light?

In land behind those 

Shining concrete walls

Where city end 

Darkness prevails

In gutter, dark as night sky

There lies a place 

Where life began 

At evening sky

Smell of alcohol and dried blood

Essence of musk

Up in the air

Pitch of music increased

Welcome to place 

Where one body is in race

Caught and sold 

To person unknown

He comes like daily

Filthy in state

But ask for her rates

He grab her

Oh Beauty !!

Beauty the mascara of her eyes

Gloss of orange lips

Shine of her festive dress

And hairs tide 

She was held

In room with no roof

Curtain fall

Door got lock

Where no bird drool

Sound of bangles

Hairs getting tangled

Her dress un loosed

Her mascara got spoiled

Her body shivering

He took her 

Grabing from waist

Swelled her veins

Put off his thrust

Finished of her drive

She moan

She cried

He kept smoking

He went away 

Next came tht away 

Nd it went on on on.

 She bears pain

Dream to play in rain

can’t even shed tear more

There is no escape door

She got a daughter 

Her reason of Laughter 

Little girl sees her future 

A perfect dreamer

Want to end this human race

Just a school 

She ask for

Is tht more?

Will she come out ?


She would dance 

And sell off ?



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