A Train Conversation

Boarding prashanti express.I was going berhampur from bhuwaneshwar in Indian state of odisha. Monsoon was at its peak and this time at eastern ghats was no less than heaven. I was sitting by window. Watching green hills and paddy fields.  Feeling those slanting rain  falling over my face.

 I put my tongue out in a way to lick that dew of rain but it splashed over my tea. Making stain over my white linen shirt. “Stains are good”. I remember those Words  said by a person few years ago . I was smiling seeing that stain. It reminded me of train journey with girl, named Ayana.

 Isn’t its strange how tiny things take us to deep memory lanes of our bitter sweet memories.

That was month of July. I was travelling from margaon to pune in goa express. 

Drink that tea before it get cold”, said a girl of age somewhat about 22. whom I was  watching in mirror reflection. Solitary jolly eyes and small wet lips. Her dark eyes were deep. Like ocean waiting to be discovered. I was lost in vastness of her eyes. And I forgot about tea.

She : Hii! I noticed u were watching me. 

My inner voice setback (how can she say so?, is she trying to flirt? What should i do?)

I : sorry, ur eyes were too beautiful to ignore.

She : should I accept this as an compliment or flirt?

(Such a strange girl, take wat way you want)

I : the way you see me 😉

She : u look decent but u r mischievous.

I : thanks for compliment. 

(I am awesome) i smiled

She : hehe. That was not compliment.Stupid Do you look at every girl like this?

I : hehe, yes I mean no, not this much you are the first one

(Control man! What are you doing)

train just crossed Caravanzol station and began to slow down. Everyone was peeping out of window as honking metal monster rolls out of the tunnel. Smell of alage and petrichor filled the compartment.

I : hey, see that waterfall, dudhsagar fall, falling from mystic hills just behind the track

(Her eyes got sparked with excitement. She was looking gorgeous than ever. For a moment i couldn’t even remove my eyes from her)

She : should I tell u something again.

I : what?

She : ur tea is getting cold.

I looked into to earthen pot smelling cardamom, tea and earth. Exotic smell of marathi chai, Has become too sweet too drink. There was small film of cream floating over it. I took it by my hand tried to remove it and tea splashed over me. Making stain over my white linen. 

I: shit, man

She: issss!  Don’t get annoyed. Stains are good. Atleast every next time that stain would appear u will remember that in lieu of watching a girl u got that stain.

While i was dreaming of past my eyes got stuck on sun rays falling on mystic chilika lake. 

hahaha. I smiled over my self and said  really a memory.

I am look at stain today I smiled and keep watching out to horizon wondering about those eyes


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