hide out

How does it feel to live in big city? They both asked me, I was looking like some urban chap in white shirt. One was silent and other was restless. Gazing through the window to city lights as train approaches city railway center. Restless was Murmuring godname. I replied its  awesome!. We were last three … Continue reading hide out

Before sunset

All day the color had been that of dusk, mist moving across the lifeless roads which possess the shadow of cloud and briefly over the layer of fog was sun setting the horizon in fire like golden phoenix. Watching her going past the railway station with fogged eyes. He stood there waving to an anonymous … Continue reading Before sunset


I was wondering if this is really an epilogue sort of thing. I couldn’t think of appropriate title. I didn’t know if I could write this . I m a shitty writer. I cant hold pen properly. There are people who bleed through their pens. They carve their heart out. I dont know if i … Continue reading Epilogue