Before sunset

All day the color had been that of dusk, mist moving across the lifeless roads which possess the shadow of cloud and briefly over the layer of fog was sun setting the horizon in fire like golden phoenix. Watching her going past the railway station with fogged eyes. He stood there waving to an anonymous who just became dear. No he didn’t cry, male ego didn’t allow him to cry. But fogged up eyes flashed him back all those gentle touches, scents, talk, walks and swing. He sat under the banyan tree twisting his finger around its creepers.

 Remembering her first sight. Those eyes Black and deep, calm as winter mist, behind yellow framed spectacles. Eyes can be beautiful or interesting hers were generous. In blue and white rob. Though She looks elegant in red. But blue must be lucky today being over her.

How confused he was to say hii or shake hand but finally end up doing high five. That first high five touch of gentle hand. Softer like cotton fur. They smiled. Sitting behind her Scotty passing by the great old structures, with winter sunlight cutting through trees fall over her face. Nose chilled with wind. He could not make out what was going in her mind. They were moving slow, her curly hairs were flowing around. They were sweet and bitter. Scent of lavender. His vocabulary was too weak to classify that ecstatic feel. Sitting across in the sun light café. She was letting herself out. There was spark in her eyes there was feeling of relief. She was like the star which was collapsing under weight of her gravity waiting someday to blast. Their was depth in her voice, her soul was not captured but was held at place. He doesn’t remember any eyes telling stories , there was vastness in her life. moments of ice and fire. Eyes expanding and diminishing with every pause and line. In that sunlight café her eyes were going from window to table meeting his eyes, trying to search something unknown. Telling the series of her life how little lily pad grew up. Being shy to adult, stories of her crushes , broken vows and love, stories of remarkable friendship and dreams. Looking into and away her eyes with hands on table listening to hear words, he didn’t notice when curtain slide and her face was shining bright. To him she looked calm and compose settled like the mist on leave in winter morning drop do shiver. Coffee was cold but her companionship made him feel warm . Bringing eye brow up and shifting her mouth side when he try to steal cookies from cafe. She frowned. He took a back god what was he doing? Aint he suppose to be gentleman. She laughed seeing his plightfullness. Silent cafe was echoing her jovial giggle.


Sitting behind her on her red scooty he set himself free, passing through mughal architecture of love and ibadat. Ancient place of love and war, land where azan echos. Voice she loves.Standing tall minarets of imamabara, Walking together inside the dome she said,

” I still don’t feel like I m with some complete stranger”He went close to held her close by shoulder “dose this felt strange?” 

Roaming around with her talking of then and now. Together in parallel world their shadows made love

Suddenly smile of her face disappeared. Looking upset, she was checking her pocket murmuring  i can’t loose it. She looked at him with utmost seriousness and said ,”I lost it. What will i do now. ” her face was sad, he was confused , he doesn’t want to let that girl’s smile fade away. They went back to find that beautiful treasure to the cafe. When waitresses gave it.She exclaimed thank you! That u came back. He never saw anyone this happy, wondering what was in it?

Heading back to same to the misogynist society. Which welcome them saying boy and girl can’t go inside alone. Accompanied by the guide, telling old age lore of how the tomb was made. He saw her face lit by flame of candle on mirror. Guide said mirror were use to light the tomb. He said to himself

” finally mirror met her moon”

her sleepy tired eyes as she listen to story of nawab. Must be wondering where am I stuck on this planet listening to this guy and with guy showing tongue to little kids.


Sitting by the pedestal wearing boot. Her voice became tough telling about her father. Sometimes you got something to tell about some person but your mind just get confused to present it in bright light or grey. Her voice was serious as she started loosening string of her life one after another. He kept on listening to her. With eyes stuck to distance, thinking if he would have been at her place would have died by now, she is the bravest person.

He held her hand for a while , whenthey both walk out. Sitting closer to each other going towards new place. Her voice was filled with excitement telling about this place. She said ,”she had this dream to come to this place with him”. With couple around them lying over each other. Making love.They both blushed and he blushed more. Walking on dry winter leaves hoping over stairs. Their hand touched each other number of times urging to held up together, but he silly didn’t hold. Talking about darker sides and secret desires they saw a different side.

Finally under the red broken arch  ,ruin where once Europeans had romance and got killed.they found their heaven. looking towards the trees scattering winter sun rays. Their hands crossed each other. Finger fit like ocean sliding over the shore, a picture perfect view. She kept her head over his shoulder, playing with his rough hands she said

“never felt like u r a stranger, when you touched I felt warm I felt secured. With you I felt more like myself” 

With her chin up and eyes close she look too adorable that it steal his heart away.

she went on telling about her father, her mother’s ambition , her relationship with father. How she saw things breaking apart. Ever thought of mind so strong to withstand any oppression. Smile so beautiful to hide dark faces of life. Heart so plain that no   Bruises are seen. Vastness of eyes hiding lies in its depths. He wonder touching her hands,” how do you do it? Facing the hardness of time, ripples if life, darkness of hours, how did you manage to pulled so far ? Like a river flowing on untamed path, across every rock , just like the brook, decided men will come men will go, but you will go on forever. His palm  held her hands , she showed white cuts tearing veins apart, he socked, gently touching them.  she said in phase of life where you don’t know what’s going on with and around you. Where the world will lead. She tear her self apart. They were silent falling leaves witness their solitude. He touched them held it tightly, said never do that again. She smiled.  Isnt its play of time how some people just become too mature. She made up her mind became optimistic and started living in present. He wonder is she happy? Talking about patriarchal society and misogynist norm of mankind, ever thought of couple talking about politics ? They were one of the kind. She was his namuni. faced turned red and eyes sparkled. She pulled out the paper from clutcher and said read it for me. As he read in his Hitler voice she looked at him. Keeping her head on shoulder she adore him. She said lips are sexy. Both laughed. By the time poem ended.

There was silence , both were looking at each other, his heart  paced up. Neither he said nor she but silent talk. He was numb, never in his life he ever got such beautiful present. Keeping head over his shoulder she said you will go dosnt that thought creeps you. Pulling her cheeks. He said

” i don’t know but right now I m with you and I feel complete”.

She stood up confused smiled taking one step forward two backward. with fibble voice she said,”if i dont this today i will regret it my whole life. he was amussed , whats that stuff? what will she do?

she came closer asked him to close your eyes. he smiled and blushed. both faces were red. sitting under the red arch of chip stone they look ino eyes of each other. they stood up. facing the nook of wall she bent on her toes. his eyes were close and a moist lips touched each other. sweetest touch ever. her hand going around spine pulled him upon her.the first bit on the lips was lustful, juicy and tender. drooling around each other. he forgot to feel the time in amdist of her heavy breath that their heart beat got sync. Every bit like some drug venturing into veins. both lost themselves in the time. into the blacklhole where time frezes. becoming like stars fusing together and forming milion new stars. Even With his eyes close he could see clearly. he felt her smile. when their lips touched there was more than the concotion of salt, smoke and sweet sour taste of pink guava. there was a smile in both faces. amongst the chilly wind under sun, their hands were going around each other touching soul. they made love. witness by squirrels, falling leaves and birds. somewhere, in parallel world, they made love in a garden of age old ruins. Our trembling hands grasping each other delicately yet strongly. Their eyes watching the sun setting behind the trees. lips melting and demanding each other and two hearts colliding and shattering into million tiny stars and yet settling together like right pieces of jigsaw puzzle. She grew in him like a flower in desert. They held nothing in common Yet there was something pleasing in the tenderness of her arms around him. It was like a dream unfathomed But for that time she was his. Every touch of her on his body.Felt like she was carving a story on him, Maybe the story about them. Or maybe not, but it felt beautiful But each of your strokes on his body felt like capricious moves still undefined.

For what she made him feel was nothing less than fantasy. A fantasy he didn’t know he could ever write

but people spoiled their mood. They left the place. going out from there there was silence. Driving on the road he hummed “ordinary world” lyrics 

Baby, i dont have much, but what we have is more than enough

Those words never felt so exact to him. Does she also think so? Sitting face to face  in golden lit empty scented restaurant.
Their eyes locked up. finding unkowon answers to the question. suddenly the happy atmosphere was ecliscped by the the sorrow of departure and  sepration. there was so much to say but time was to there. there was so much to feel but life was not there. she was engima wraped in bundle of shyness. he was vagabond firing aimless and unmotivated. did they become each other solace? they were comfortable in that silence. they were calm like the water in glasss and orchid hovering above noticed their love.


there bond was silky like the choclate melting into vanila, tossing up in the name of 4 feb. the made their day. 

 with the hairs falling out twisted and curled. sprinkling taste of sweet and bitter in mouth. she called them maggie. maggie never looked this beautifull. with sun setting in the west and stars holding up their position. cyan sky was saying day has come to end. they were silent siting behind each other. he curled her hairs in his hand singing 

“Jhilmil taaron si aankhein teri, Khare khare paani ki jheelein bhare , Hardam yun hi tu hansti rahe. Har pal hai dil mein khwahishein , Khamoshi ki loriyaan sun toh raat so gayi ,Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri. Saawali si raat ho Khamoshi ka saath ho Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri”

cheesy much.

unromantic guy was in romantic mood. his heart was racing. carving for final hug. he played with her hairs. waiting for her action. he saw  shooting star passing by above his head. with the eyes close he asked himself

” what will you wish if you see a shooting star?”

  he said,

“just time pause here.” 

standing infront of red wall with chaos all around and train wishtling in the distance. he bid her adieu with a promise to come back soon. the paused. looked into each other. he was weakk her legs were shaking. she did wanted to cry. starting her scooty, she left


by the time all this flash back, green light flash train started, his phone rang , text from her, she reached home. lost in talks.

he said smiling,

‘ it was wonderful day’

 Love is the ache, the anticipation, the retreat, everything around it but emotion itself.


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