I was wondering if this is really an epilogue sort of thing. I couldn’t think of appropriate title. I didn’t know if I could write this . I m a shitty writer. I cant hold pen properly. There are people who bleed through their pens. They carve their heart out. I dont know if i really have that super power but certainly i can visualize the things. I am a prisoner of light. I freeze the moment. Thing is I can use lot of flair but I want this to be raw. 

You see that girl in yellow frame spectacles and deep dark eyes. She wants to leave mark on this planet. Almost everyone is obsessed with leaving a mark upon the world.

We all want to be remembered. But she is different, more than marks she wants someone to be there at the end of the day to congratulate her. She doesnt want whole world to be there. She wants one.

She is not pretentious. She walks lightly upon the earth. She knows the truth. She knows how universe works. She knows pain demands to be felt. She knows how to bear the pain. She knows what does it feels like to fall , break, dream and get betrayed. She rises up after every nightmare like a Phoenix. She doesn’t need you to baby sit her. She is the strongest person you will ever encounter. She just wants someone’s presence.

What else I can say? 

Wait important stuff.

She is so beautiful. You don’t get tired of looking at her. When she stare to your eyes telling stories. You can feel her. When she looks with her chin up and eyes close. You forget everything. You never worry if she is smarter than you because You know she is. She is better than anyone else you can imagine of. She is an enigma wrapped in bundle of shyness. got that ability to unwrap her?

Believe me, 

if you have that girl with you, you are the luckiest person. Just hold her hand she will take you around. She will be your inspiration. 

funny without ever being this mean.

Right now its me, who is with her. 



 I live her.


For what she made me feel was nothing less than fantasy. A fantasy I didn’t know I could ever write,

For time she is reading this, I want her to imagine there is face in this, my face. I m looking at her and I want to tell her you look so beautiful. 

God. I feel so good with her. We all get chances to choose with whom we want to share our heart.

And I love my choice.



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