hide out

How does it feel to live in big city?

They both asked me,
I was looking like some urban chap in white shirt. One was silent and other was restless. Gazing through the window to city lights as train approaches city railway center. Restless was Murmuring godname.

I replied its  awesome!. We were last three passengers in train as train stopped at outdoor. There was a strange silence, old one lit a cigar, blew first smoke into the compartment which got dissolve into the fog. He stared to my eyes and said ever ran after killing your own wife? His red eyes were furious , my head was sweating. I nodded my head in no. leaving another blow he said last night he killed her wife, because she found him cheating on her. He speared knife into her belly, which was expecting baby next month. Floor was red. Wife was dead. He left the home. With her jewel. Now he is running.

Me and other person were in shock, I looked at other.He Took a sip of his tea and said he forgot to buy gift for his wife, who lives here. But he has brought gift for his daughter. And he knows  wife happiness goes through child. Its been 5 years since last time he saw her. Today she will dress in red with jasmine in hair, just like day they made their first love. They will make love tonight. He finished of his tea.

Environment was warm, my mind was gushing with thoughts, what is right what is wrong. Clothes should decide human nature? As I fight through my thoughts. Good clothe finished his cigg and slept and dirty one gazed to city light. Restless.

We all were looking into eyes of each other. One was wearing specs, bald head, may be in his late 40. He looked like some decent and educated one. I thought of him as a good guy. Other one in red worn overcoat, with dirty shoes and shivering hands, I imagined him as bad guy, because this is what we have been taught.

Good clothes good people. Bad clothes bad people.


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