Moonlight rhythm!

My girl my girl

Wont you stay here tonight?

Dressed in crimson

You look beautiful rohdolite.

Let me lost in your eyes

 Let my finger touch your bare skin.

 Won’t you let me feel ur hidden desires?

Expanded from grey to bright.

I will lay with u in moon light

Bare bodies touching

Under the blanket of stars

And milky way twilight.

Let me take you to journey of heaven and ice

Something away from mundane life.

And tomorrow we bathe in sunlight

After Dancing whole night on winding chimes

the moment our soul unite.

Ur Lipstick face and and my gentle love bites

Will witness the warmth of this cozy night.

Let’s remain awake till midnight hour

When moon grazes our skin

And cool wind soothes our soul.

Let my fingers play down

Dancing on ur curves to the naval round.

let the sweat fuse

Like star diffuse

In this moonlight reflected by chimes

I want to make you my unadulterated rhyme.
My man my man

This Shivers going down my skin, let me put my arms around

Searching for your soft sides my hungry tongue slides.

 How many night I have wait for this time

Would u stay still i seal ur beauty In  moonlight 

reflected by sliver chimes.

Oh there’s a thin line between pain & pleasure, 

So, when you steal me from mine, grab me in your arms. Tell me is that fine?

While my heart gets crushed into million of stars under you

 reflect the shine from your eyes. There will be tears in my eyes

Of bliss reminiscing a lovely time I had in paradise.

Moonlight gives you this moment

And darkness let you to sensuality.

With your light imposed over mine

Imagine how illuminated life would be.

Dark lets you search your soul 

Away from brightness

That’s pricks us in disguise

And ours is a bond of fire and ice.

Under dark our soul mate this night

 Love has never seemed so perfect

Coz your imperfections are mine

and I adore them

Like my favourite brand of wine.



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