Left hand Right hand

It’s raining outside, today he felt too tired to go out. He changed the channel for hour and two, he strolled through the phone but no one was calling. Bored from everything he starred at his hands. Cracked hands, stiff and rough palms. Like waiting for a moment to say something. He started imagining a conversation between hands

Right hand feeling cocky,” I m more powerful, human relay on me. I m the one who do everything. From writing to cooking. Everything i am supreme”

Left hand waking up,” Ever seen that left handed uncle, I m his magic wand. You may be in everyone’s use. I m for special ones use”

Right imitating “special one” ,” only good thing you do that you wipe dirty places. You are smelly and disgusting”

Left hand calmly,” Ever thought of diarrhea patient, u don’t come to his rescue. Its me who is always there helping”

Right outrageously,” I m for good purpose, I m handshake, I m the hand that give rose, I m hand that make machines, I m hand that write poem. I m everything. I m supreme. You are smelly and disgusting”

Left kept silent. He didn’t know what to say

Right,”I m one nourishes the child, I m one which father hold while teaching his toddler to walk.and you wiping potty since ages. You are smelly and disdisgusting” 

Left,” ya, you are supreme, you are great. But did you forget? You are the one which slapped your father. You are one which drag him to old age home. You are one which signed property leaving father on road. You are the one which did all the sin. Ya I m smelly and disgusting. I do pathetic work. But you did a sin. You forget one which taught you to work to stand. Thank god i never became like you.

He came back from imagination. His eyes were filled with guilt tears. He Looked at the photo on self. He and his father on a vacation. Whom he left at old age home. He took that pic and looked at it. He felled guilty. He get up from bed. Rain had stopped. He started car and went to old age home. Hugged his dad. Who didn’t get angry on him but welcome him like solider returning home for first time. They hugged. And somewhere behind back. Right hand hugged left hand. And said thank you.


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