Daughter’s hesitant

With petrichor in atmosphere. Its a sign rain has arrived. For what she had been waiting for 6 months. But instead of dancing to the beats of rain drop with his hairs falling and head swriling left and fight. She is sitting under the lamp post of 4 st. Dressed in red veil watching the city lights as it get reflected on the road. Dancing and making patterns. Things she use to love about rain today gave her no pleasure. Sitting under the umbrella she is reading letter from her dad. Who left him in this unknown place to study. Dady’s girl is alone today. On phase of life where she wants him , he left her alone. Yes this was she always wanted own life independence freedom now she has everything. But absence of love. She always wanted to study in some different city. Now she is different city. Away from her family her lover and best friend. But thats what problem is with her. Though she wanted freedom but she wanted pamper too cant imagine to live with out them. And with time people started going from her life. One she thought of hers permanent support are now gone. She broke down. She fear to rise up. Today she is sitting her with her dad letter. Which says open when you are broken, she teared it and open it.It says


How are you? How are you doing? How is that new place?

Seriously i m still confused over why jalapeno is pronounced like halapeno. Today you will go to new city big city with city lights and building.

I still remember when you were born. You would scream when people would crowd over you. You wanted freedom you were stubborn. While growing up you use to sleep with dadi listening to her stories. Though I felt jealous but your happiness was what mattered to me. Like they say father has to be stay strong. I never show u that I m unhappy for you going away from me. But I m here for you.

         Your happiness= my happiness

I know whats going over you. You always wanted to go every where you were stubborn since birth . but then u cant live without someone. Someone to take care of someone just to look at you in the end of day. I know these days are quite hard for you. U must be loosing ur bestie, people who drive away from you thinking you got busy, but dont worry about them seriously life is full of temporary people. And plastic emotions. And it require to fall very hardly to save such relationship. To face everything they say silently. I wont advice u not to make friends or not fall in love.bcuz seriously want u to. This will teach you life. And its colors. But as a dad as friend i want you to always remember why u went there on first place. I want to see you successful. And always remember that here 1200km away there are two people whose hairs have turned white, with whom u may fight every day or dont talk for week. They are always there to welcome u with arms open. U r our beloved daughter.

Now stop crying. There are 100 rupees in it. Wipe your eyes and go have your ice cream. red velvet. 🙂

Your best friend


She kissed the letter. Threw the umbrella. And with head facing clouded sky and she put her tongue out trying to pick every flavor or rain. And scream. I love you dad.

Pic courtesy “shades_flow” instagram



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