A day in history

Writing this from mental hospital ward. No I m not mad. Jus under psychiatrist supervision.  This not going to be an ordinary depression story. 

This story goes back to 20 years ago.  ​not going to start with my name or place. If i tell , you will start imagining my religion and this place history. Stop it.

 So, this is a story of two best friends. Not many years ago, when I was 14, a school going child. A neatly dressed up with tie tucked to the end of collar. 

That morning we had our last exam, apparently school’s last day. We all were excited. Planning to play cricket, some were planning to play Mario in house. Girls planning to watch elephant princess and new episode of high school musical and hanna Montana

And me away from all making mud castle with my friend. I won’t disclose his name. 

In amidst of all laughs and chaos. Circular came to class stating that childern have to go to there houses before 12. And not to go out till situation comes under control.

For 8 class student, what all seem good and valuable was that school is going to get over early. No body paid attention towards next half of full stop. 

I ran towards my bag. Rubbed my muddy hands over my white shirt, I was looking like some labors child. 

We boarded bus, accompanied by an uncle with gun. Usual thing for army kid. But unusual stuff was, that gun was fully loaded.

In bus I heard from seniors sec 144 has been imposed. I saw boot mens in uniforms marching on streets, city so dead and deserted like never before.it was Monday morning a market day, but shut shops tell different story.

 Even that momos center was not there. I was wondering, where were all people. I saw whirlpool of sand, and mirage forming in distance. I got off bus, my laces were open. Tie was going some where. Only thing shining were my teeth.

 There were people wearing helmet and holding guns on roads. On every street. Even though I used to live in cantt It never looked dreadfull like this, some Fortified kingdom of contra. This reminded me that I have to go to play contra to friends house.

 I reached home, quietly went inside bathroom and soaked my shirt. But these moms, they always get to know everything. She pulled me out holding me ear, “u idiot box, who will clean this, your dad?” I gave her a grin, she gave me a slap in return.

 I overheard on news about some mosque was being demolished,  dad was watching news. I nudged him, shall I go to play to friends house. He gave me a strange look, “cant u see whatsgoing on?  Some saffron cloth people have just demolished a mosque, do u think ur friend will play with you. Idiot boy.

 He said it loudly. He had never talked to me like that,it hit me. I made that crying look with my lower lips out.I went to my room. Put my head over pillow and acted to cry.

I slept for a while lying like that. Woke up only when disturbed by call from friend. I picked up the phone, and screamed 

Me : I wont able to play today, mom say u guys will beat me. Will you? 

Fr: Why would i?

Me: Someone guys just blew a mosque

Fr: I m not badguy. I wont beat you.

Me: I trust you, not my parents dont. 

Fr: Okay bye. Will call you later.Come in evening.

Me: bye.

By evening city became hauted. One could hear loud voice chanting jai shree ram on road. Other side allah hu akbar. People marching on roads. As  police trying to stop. I was watching from my room on roof.

 Friend called again. 

Fr: My dad is missing since morning. I need help. You have to come with me. Will you?

Me : ( I looked outside.) people will kill us. There is mob outside

Fr :Doesn’t matters, come out. I got bicycle.             We will run away

Me : Okay will try to. 

Parents were sleeping in other room, door was open. I took my shoes from rack and walk on toes quitely out of room

We went on streets. Towards his house. Walking on street whose top view was filled with tiny green flags bearing moon. I saw him standing with bicycle. In tropical heat we pedal down on streets of city. Lifeless and scary. Roads in saffron walls in green. Where was happiness? 

This loneliness was killing

I Saw diffrent scenes. Looking for his dad in various places. We went deep into city, old part which we never went before. I saw red on streets, on wall . A body in red lying down, shivering in pain. Whose blood is it? Hindu or muslim. Will that doctor would be able to distinguish between them? My eyes were shivering. Tears in corner of eyes. after a point we went exhausted. We left cycle and started walking

We reached a site where its smell of fire, petrol fire. We were afraid, I was shivering. I tucked my fingers in his shirt. Trying to hide myself from all this. We were standing in an corner, hiding in awe of building we saw three men with beard tearing away womens clothes, naked women forced against wall. One of them saw us. We ran as fast as we could. 

We reached a place. Mob set fire on a building. They brought a pregnant lady out of house stabbed her, and Threw her into fire. Mob angred more. We were on cross junction mob came from both sides. My friend spotted his father. Among one of mob. He ran towards him. I try to pull him stopped him. Tell him not to go.

 He shruged my shoulder and ran into crowd. Within seconds that place was on blood. In front of my eyes I saw people stabbing each other.  Red on dried sand, red on green. Red on Bodies with black hair and dusty faces. I saw my friend, lying on ground. Dead soaked in blood. Fingers touching his father arm. I saw priest lying over mulla. I saw godcrying. It rained that evening. I sat there watching it. Watching people die, getting raped and burnt. After a while police took me to home.

I never felt happiness, things always appeared in my dreams. Nightmares. I ventured in to depression. I fell sick. I started smoking. I became lifeless

 Today after 20 years I still think of it. That day in history I can never forget. By the way my name is ginger singh , friend name was atif. That’s my story.



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