​Molestation of 6 year old kid

He was 6 year old kid

Still bearing his milk teeth

Used to go to school

With handkerchief on chest


She would call him sweet

In name of chocolate and TV

Would hold him by waist 

And tuck her fingers down

Fiddling with “IT”

She bit her lips and smile


He was 6 year old kid

Went to see pokemon

Wearing a pikachu shirt

Winning pokemon badge


She pulled down his trouser

Holding his chin up

Traced her finger tips

Touching his ribs and spine

She giggled 


He was 6 year old kid

un known to what was going on

All the pain he felt

And diaspora of his mind


She pushed him on bed

Stroked “IT” hard

Shaked and rubbed

Till “IT” become stif

And she will laugh


She will do it every evening

When everyone is out

And clock stuck 5

She would pinch “IT” ,bit “IT”

He would stop her

She would smash his head

Belt will hit stiffly

On every pain her eyes shined brightly


He was 6 year old kid

He cried, but she would feed him

To innocent to melt with chocolate

To dumb to die


This would happen every time

Day and day kid grew terrified

Depression and pain caught him

He would avoid her

The day he won’t 

Next day 

She would do more terrible things

Some times salt sometimes chilly


He began frightened of her

Every time he saw her

He would hide away

Pokemon suddenly become terrible

“Sweet” word become hateful

Even after 10 years

He still struggle to it.


He never told anyone

But who will understand him?

In society 

where there is no place for male harassment

In society 

Where male are objectified as molester

Is there any listener to this kid?

Where people rise voice of one side

Forget to listen other side

He is not one

Thousands like him whoFace it

Lend your ears

Make a change.


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