Rape Me

Finally its raining

Burnt cigarettes

Lay down

Days of reckless shape cloud

Finally came to halt 

As drops fell to quench thirsty earth
Some part of rain

Fall on my heart

Heavy heart

With oxygen less tobacco more

Lungs which have probably forgot

How does oxygen smells like
He would come

Will say me l love you

I never understood did he really mean?

In 5 years of marriage

All it meant give him food

Place between my legs

Where he would thrust his bait

I would moan and cry

That would have him more pleasure

Plead to take me out

For cinema or shopping, 

All he would say tomorrow baby

Today let me RAPE YOU

He would force me

Beat me

Day I protest

He would smash me

Would do everything to have me 

Whether I m on periods

Or stressed out

Sometimes I feel 

Its his body, not mine

Laying next to him bare and soulless
Fifteen cigarettes

A day

My daily food

As I sat down at bay

I smoked all night

Dream in hallucinations

With Opeth spilling magic in smoke

When every body look hollow and dead

Smile that’s dead
Yes rape

That what I will call it

 sorry, but no sorry 

I know he is my husband

Elder say hubby is god

Does god also does this?
I have been silent all time

But not anymore

Knife lays shining 

He would come tonight

Would open his white shirt

Would throw me on bed

I won’t be regretting if white shirt turns RED



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