octupus uniform

Ginger had always been a quiet child,  on night of birth on 30 june, he born he bumped out of mother like red pumpkin so big so round, weighing over 4.5kg. He cried so much that doctors and astrologers announced that he is going to be a chaterbox.

 By the time he grew up  he stopped talking nobody could figure out when he did that. The fact is it didnt happened all toghter, it was gradual like on coming monsoon clouds first slow then completly. A barely noticeable quietening as though he simply run out of conversation and had nothing left to say. It was an accusing, a dormancy, protesting silence, the psychological equivalent of what cactus do to survive in dry area but for ginger this season never gonna end. 

Over time he had acquired the ability to blend into background, what ever kind it is or he was, into bookshelves, garden, boring talks and steady rocks, he appears inanimate, almost invisible to untrained eye. ginger occupied very little space in the world

After 21 april of his 5 class, he  was sent to calcutta to study but was called back sooner as school laabled him as not fit for normal studies. he stayed with a lady, his mom. He was not an exceptional student but niether a dumb. Guy with zeal for football and  beautiful voice is rarest combination to find. Yet he was blue coral on the bed of dark sea which no body could find. he passed with 1 division with comment on report card saying ‘average student‘. 

Once the quietness arrived, it stayed and spread in ginger. It reached out of his head and enfolded him in its arm. It stripped him of his words and thoughts became numb. Every night his words will scribble over rough paper with blue blood, sometimes red. Slowly, Ginger withdrew himself from world. and nobody could figure the reason out as the octupus named silence spilled ink over all those shattered dreams and wounds and suddenly no body noticed it….



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