Thoughts for my love

Twilight falls

on floating islands in the cosmos

Hidden in engulfs of translucent silk strings

They glitter dimly like fireflies.

Your fingers lie tangled

like the jumble lines of a poem

over those scarlet petals

Half open like whispering a lulabay 

to love.

Cupping your soft islands

U stare at crescent moon

Bleeding an aura, sensual enough

Fusing brightly like stardust.

Sink in your aura 

I fly free in warmness of ur breaths.

Sliding inside the silk

I drink the light over islands .

Slyly tangling myself in jumbled lines

I decent as drop of dew 

over those petal.

And loose my self in embrace of your Cosmos


3 thoughts on “Thoughts for my love

  1. Hi really liked the poem. It was engaging and open to intrpretations.Looking forward to more posts please follow my blog and let me know your opinions too

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    1. Loved ur blog and content. You write beautifully.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. And thanks for stopping here ūüôā

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