Dreamer of moon

 You walk like beauty in night

under cloudless climes and stars; 

Gathering pearls of twilight

hanging it on your ears.

Cupping the rays  of moon

weave around your arms.

Tint of evening over dusky doon

shines over your scarlet balm.

Dark like shades of  love

Sunshine of dawn 

Dances over your dove

and gets lost in their lawns.

Cloud’s dew lies

Suspended on ur forehead.

Evening star

sparks around the eyes 

Marked in kohl

Auroras engulfs your soul

Falls on that cheek, 

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, 

The smiles that wins heart.

You are the dreamer  of moon

A heart whose love is no less than art! .


In the night 

You rise with moon

You burn like sliver ,bliss and pure.

Clusters of stars 

sink down in your aura

Long journey of ur desperation 

comes to halt

Like some thirsty sea beach

I wait to collapse with you 

I touch those pearls 

Got burned in twilight

Felt the tint while sniffing ur smile

You decant like drop of bliss

On my bare soul.

And place an impression on life, a kiss


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