Letter To Self 

Dear 15 year old self

Hi, I wish I had a time machine. Probably you are thinking of this. Its 2017 with this time machine I m telling you life , how’s it going to be for you. I know neither you nor me ever thought that we will right letter like this. We are soul who like to leave forget old things. But sooner you will learn to carry them on ur heart. Some good some bad.

, still lost in Ruskin bond books? Its 2 in night you  might have kept your physics book aside and most probably have lost into the realms of bond. Dreaming how you will go to best college of country. By the time you will be 18 you will complete traveling half the country. Parents would be proud of you. You are in crushing over person whom you are dreaming to live with. You dream to earn fame though money making was never your aim. 

, it’s been 4 years since then. Rains in city still same, neelesh mishra has stopped his radio show, tea and samosa on corner street still smells the same. What changed in all these years is you, yeah apart from growing taller and thinner you have good beard and beautiful lover. Ya, you can be proud of it. Sorry to break it but no she is not girl u r dreaming of right now, she is someone whom you will find 3 years later and on first touch you will get to know that she is for you. 

, things are not all that rosey, soon you will touch the ground zero of your life. Point where you can’t even imagine right now. The life you are imagining is nowhere like you will have. if u began to see truth you will probably commit suicide bcuz of shame. Sooner you will see the reality that world is full of blood seekers. You will see there is nothing permanent people drifts away emotions are hollow. Ya, this will send you to depression. But that’s not only thing. Sooner you will see that life is not bed of velvet. You will fall and bleed. You will get trap in question asked by your own blood. You will start drifting away from your family and friends. And by the time you will reach this night,  dad has stopped talking, your conversation has got limited to hi okay hmm. And you spend every night sleepless

But you know, You are a fighter. You know how to stand up on wounded legs, you know how to bear pain in heart and still keep ur upper lip stiff. You will keep your head high won’t let it fall. you won’t die.

P.s. Your girl is kajal yeah, that commerce girl. Don’t repeat my mistake she is just two wall behind you. Find her out. She is gonna be your heart 🙂

best of luck

Your future 19 year old


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