Society, you have a crazy greed hogging on together, which you all agreed. You are full of misery feeding upon drugs, which you call luxury. You are bending streak poking nose into others, before checking own creek. Society, you are desperate soul seeking answers to known, flashing lights over night owls. You are wicked mob … Continue reading SOCIETY

tulips plight

Frost on Dal has began melting spring has returned to valleys come, so that our shikara can sail. The graves have become mum no voices flows in rum Oh god, say something why there is no discussion about my beloved son ? Roses dried and barren even the heaven was in tears on our separation … Continue reading tulips plight

Raat ki khamosi

Raat ki khamosi  Mujhe jakdte huae Boli Ajj bhi nahi soye tum? Itne gum sum kyu? Itne khoye kyu? Knha ghoom ho gyi vo chingari? Vo thiturti raat ki लोअ  Bas itna hi jal saki? Kyu bhool gya nadi ki trh behna? Kyu bandh gya in reshami dhago me? Kyu sapne dekhna bhool gya? Kyu … Continue reading Raat ki khamosi

Thoughts for my love

Twilight falls on floating islands in the cosmos Hidden in engulfs of translucent silk strings They glitter dimly like fireflies. … Your fingers lie tangled like the jumble lines of a poem over those scarlet petals Half open like whispering a lulabay  to love. … Cupping your soft islands U stare at crescent moon Bleeding … Continue reading Thoughts for my love

Rape Me

Finally its raining Burnt cigarettes Lay down Days of reckless shape cloud Finally came to halt  As drops fell to quench thirsty earth Some part of rain Fall on my heart Heavy heart With oxygen less tobacco more Lungs which have probably forgot How does oxygen smells like He would come Will say me l … Continue reading Rape Me