dad’s dilemma

I m going to the cinema, Shyam announced to his classmates. He rushed to the teacher, ”mam can I go home”? No, the teacher yelled,” go back to seat”. shyam went quietly to his seat. his friends laughed from behind. he rosed up and went again,”mam can I go”? mam asked putting her horn-rimmed spec … Continue reading dad’s dilemma

Unusual Lovers

Vedhai woke up due to loud honking of train horn. She opened her sleep ridden eyes facing towards coastal view, train was passing over the ridge which separates water on both sides, in distance coconut trees danced in the monotonous beats of morning wind. Everything was looking exactly same what it was 5 years back. … Continue reading Unusual Lovers


“You filthy kid. Come back. Dare you go and play with those stinky puppies, i will throw you out of house with them.” Well i grew up like this. With my mom saying this every time she finds me playing with street pups. Some day she would run with stick in hand scolding and yelling. … Continue reading  lover

Moma’s Plea

Its already a week late, by now gulmohar would have been in full bloom but it is still regaining its shattered leaves of last winter. Jungle babbler dances, from one branch to another with their weird facial expression. It still has that swing which was hung by your dad for you. You once fell from … Continue reading Moma’s Plea