night of confession.

Seriously how many girls like a socially outcast schizophrenic guy? A guy who wanders alone, not talking, not popular, doesn’t has big friend circle, not rich, not super intelligent, not handsome.No experience how to handle a girl, outspoken, not serious kind, weirdo, having weird question and wishes.No future plans, no growth, even algae has a … Continue reading night of confession.


Ajeeb se baat hai, likhne ko bhut kuch hai par shuruvat nhi hai. Ajeeb si baat hai, lafz bhut hai par alfaz nhi. . Train ki patri ki trh sath chalte huae Gfao nadiyon ke upar sarpat dodte huae Doori ka ehsas toh tab hua  Jab hum mudae aur vo nhi . Neele peele panne … Continue reading Dost

Dear tailor

Dear tailor, Tell me how you stitch Waving your hand over cloth Sometimes muslin sometimes a cotton Cutting perfect shapes and edges Removing unwanted portions You weave it up down and turn around Eyes hooked deep into cloths realm With so much patience You make it Another master piece to show it . Dear tailor, … Continue reading Dear tailor